About Knowledge Pitara

Knowledge Pitara is a one-stop site for teachers, parents, and students, and anyone who wants to work with education. It is the brainchild of Mrs. Nirmala Prabhu, Founder of FAME Education, a 6-year-old project which aims at reaching teachers, students in all parts of India and the world. She has been in the educational field for the past 40 years Services provided – Career Psychometric counseling, Parenting counseling, DMIT testing, Memory and Study skills training through online course Memory and Whole Brained Learning Techniques for Success in Life for all types of learners

About the Marketplace

  1. Parents of toddlers can use fabric books called “Head Start”, a fabric books series (a set of Six Books) for little learners which helps develop a love for reading in their formative years. It has colorful and bright illustrations that stimulate a child’s imagination to help develop them develop communication and vocabulary skills and let them observe, explore and discover the world of animals, fruits, numbers, and objects around them.
  2. Educational Games – If you want to keep your children occupied with some interesting and traditional games, which were played in ancient times and are still played in South India, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia, then please have a look at the wonderful games like Aligulimane, Choukabara, NavaKangari, Indian Chess and Warrior Games, Sheep and Tiger, Tower of Brahma, etc. These games improve strategic thinking and planning skills
  3. ‘Memory and Whole Brained Learning Techniques for Success in Life’ is an online 21 days course suitable for any learner, teacher, parent, professional, and even senior citizen, which can be accessed lifelong and used to remember and recall even simple things like names and dates and numbers to complex examination content like equations, the periodic table, long answers, definitions, etc., with ease and without stress, using unique right-brained methods. It can help ace any examination.
  4. Teachers can sell their educational material on the Knowledge Pitara Marketplace. (books, worksheets, question papers, courses, etc)