To get decent protection, you will probably want 200 or so screws. As you drive them by the tire, make sure not to twist the rubber. Which will imply using a screwdriver or the low-torque setting in your drill. Use the identical pattern all the way in which around the tire for constant grip.

Cook up a cool cauldron for goodies. Buy inexpensive black bowls (or paint the bowls black) from the dollar store. You will also need a black chenille stem and three wood knobs for every bowl. Paint the knobs black, and glue them to the underside of the bowl. Attach a chenille stem to the top as a handle. Fill the underside of the cauldron with black plastic Halloween “grass” to appear like smoke (white fiberfill would additionally work).

Not each sorority has a classic mansion, Примеры пакетов “майка” с логотипом despite what you would possibly see in the motion pictures. Some sororities truly don’t have homes and meet instead someplace on campus or another facility. Sororities with homes often have a house mother, who coordinates the day-to-day affairs of the sorority from meals to maintenance and enforces home rules, like no alcohol.