Career Counselling & Mentorship

A formal assessment provides an accurate vehicle to identify a person’s interest values and abilities and consequently make informed career choices. the overall objective is to assist an individual to make more objective rational career decision-it helps you understand what career suits your personality, interests, and abilities.

1. Five critical factors while making career choices are:

  • ​Individuals Interests
  • Career Values
  • Personality
  • Learning Style
  • Skills & Abilities

2. Career counseling helps to identify these critical factors and help the individual choose the right path through

  • Comprehensive Career Assessment & Analysis
  • Career Counselling & Mentorship by Industry Experts
  • Comprehensive Career Report

To address a few question

  1. My child shows lack of confidence? How to improve?
  2. I know he/she knows the answer but he/she is unable to express in right way?
  3. He/she doesn’t like to write. How to encourage him/her to write?
  4. How can I improve sharing with my child?
  5. My child seems unable to focus/concentrate one task for long. How can I help?
  6. My child acts before he thinks. How can I help him more reflective?
  7. My child is orveractive/hyperactive. What will help?
  8. My child always wants something like more toys, more fun, more anything, but he is seldom satisfies when he gets it. Whats can I do about insatiability?

Career choice through random information

Lack of clarity and confused state of mind.

Stress and anxiety towards studies.

Trying to figure out all the career information under the sky, matching it with what is available and what is suggested by random people.

Struck without growth for many years.

No work – life balance.

Right probability of regretting the career decisions

Worried about job prospects

Work pressure and anxiety towards joblessness.

Career choice through trained counsellor

Complete clarity and determination in mind.

Career selection based on inherent interest, it doesn’t matter the career path is trendy or not.

Trying to find what is my career personality, career interest, career values, skills and ability and matching it with suitable career paths with the help of career counsellors

Exponential growth through merit.

Better work – life balance due to high productivity

High probability of appreciating the timely decisions

Already figured out who all are your employers and why they need to hire you.

Life full of opportunities and accomplishments.