Kwolek persisted, and after the spinneret had executed its work, Kwolek had a fiber that was ounce-for-ounce as robust as steel. This materials was dubbed Kevlar, and it has been used to manufacture skis, radial tires and brake pads, suspension bridge cables, helmets, and hiking and camping gear. Most notably, Kevlar is used to make bulletproof vests, so although Kwolek did not make it to medical faculty, she still saved loads of lives.

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Wash and dry the egg cartons and the bottle cap. Cut the tops and flaps off the egg cartons. Tape the egg cartons together, side by side the good distance. When finished, Бумажные крафт пакеты с логотипом you must have egg cups which are 6 rows across and 6 rows deep. Put a jelly bean in each egg cup — combine the colours randomly. Mark a beginning line on the table with tape — about 2 toes away.

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