Play an open string and, as you pull the down bow, gradually place your ring finger, center finger, バイオリン先生 東京 and index finger back down one by one. By the time you get to the tip of the bow, the weight of the bow should be in your first finger or index finger. Barely carry your center, ring, and pinky fingers.

Find out concerning the musicAll music, no matter how simple, comes with some historical and social context. Is your piece based on a dance or a tune? Who was the composer, and when was it written. For more substantial items, it can be attention-grabbing to seek out out why the work was composed and what was occurring within the composer’s life at the time. If someone had fallen in love or was affected by depression, those emotions shall be mirrored within the music and would possibly inform the way you select to precise certain phrases.

3) Rosin: Rosin is what helps the bow grip the string. It’s low-cost for a way lengthy it lasts, however once more, you’ll be able to might as a lot or as little as you need on rosin. I’d say spend around $10 and you’ll have it for years and it will likely be higher high quality than the cheaper stuff.

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