With fabric markers, write racing words in the centers of shapes: use words resembling High Pick, Start, Lap, Velocity, Drive, Luck, The Favorite, Стоимость пакетов ПВД с логотипом Spoiler, Robust Run, Win, End, Tough, Victory, Crew, Go, Quick, and Chief. Paint “Winner” in rectangle throughout entrance of shirt, and add vertical stripes before and after the word. Paint large purple and skinny crimson horizontal stripes on yellow leg stripes. Let dry.

Reduce out giant letters that spell the phrase UNICEF, and glue these to the top of the field. Put the field on your dining-room desk. Whenever you discover a coin, you may put it within the box. Whenever you or your relations feel grateful for all you may have, you may put in money to ship to UNICEF.

Outdated tank tops and camisoles are absolutely the easiest tops to make bags from, as the handles are already there! The best kind to use are tank tops which have comparable front and back necklines, so no racer-backs. All you should do is line up the armpit holes, as this can develop into the bag’s handles.

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