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Nerf is debuting on Tuesday a new type of ammo that — unlike the toy-maker’s famous foam darts — doesn’t require any picking up. The new Nerf Pro Gelfire Mythic Full Auto Blaster fires out Nerf’s new gel-based hydro rounds and can shoot them at a rate of 10 per second.

The gel blaster’s design looks similar to that of a paintball gun, but the rounds are different. The polymer rounds are soaked in water before being loaded into the blaster’s feed hopper, which holds up to 800 of the 10,000 rounds. Once fired, the hydro projectiles burst and dissolve when they hit a target, eliminating cleanup. 

The gel blaster was announced ahead of San Diego Comic-Con, which starts later this week, and it’s scheduled to be on shelves by Nov. 1. Priced at $80, the blaster is currently available for preorder at and . It’s recommended for those ages 14 and older.

Earlier this year, Nerf announced a Star Wars themed blaster, specifically modeled after , and the , 9 mm ammunition which fires seven darts per second.