Parenting Couselling

Is a process that assists parents over the hurdles of parenthood by teaching them how to comfortably handle most parenting issues.
Teaches parents how to coach themselves through situations as they develop, so that parenting is easier and more effective.
Uses one-on-one private coaching, workshops and courses to help parents with the most difficult job in the world.

I am Nirmala Prabhu, serving society as a Parenting Coach. I enable parents to be effective by overcoming their parental anxiety & insecurities. I try to ensure that parenting becomes easier and more rewarding.

I am a part of DEEP, an organisation that has enabled 3,50,000 parents and are on a mission to enable 50,00,000 by 2024.

WE do One-to-One Parenting Counselling, workshops and Online courses for parents of Toddlers, Mid-Schooler and Tweens/Teens

A parent coach is someone who helps parents with parenting challenges by offering alternative perspectives around family situations, uncovering strategies to shift behavior and family dynamics, and helping parents achieve their parenting goals.