Skyculture Head Start Series – My First Number Book (Fabric Book) Foam Book – 1 SKYC009

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Skyculture presents “Head Start”, a fabric books series (a set of Six Books) for little learners which helps develop a love for reading in their formative years.

Colorful and bright illustrations stimulate a child’s imagination; help develop communication and vocabulary skills.

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Let the child observe, explore and discover the world of animals, fruits, numbers and objects around them.

These books are:

  • Washable
  • Non tear-able
  • Language enhancing
  • Effective educational toys
  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to handle
  • Learning in a fun and safe way

My First Number book ( Blue Colour)

Pages: 10 Made In India (First time)

Developed by experienced teachers

Introducing numbers!

A child can recognize and relate the number and quantitative value of number with ease!

A child can learn about the number recognition with its value!

Illustrations written to develop the vocabulary of the reader.

Child can understand the numeral 1 means 1 sun or i trunk of an elephant

awareness of the actual environment