Sheep and Tiger ITG003

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Sheep or goat and Tiger (AaduHuli in Kannada) was a hunt game played in temples of ancient India. We can find the game carved on the floor of the temples like the one in famous Chamundeshwari Temple of Mysore.

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Players: 2

Aim: In this game one player acts for the15 sheeps and the other for the 3 tigers. The tigers are placed on three points and the sheeps are introduced one by one and alternatively the tiger moves one position at a time. The tiger can capture the sheep by jumping over the sheep coin to an adjacent free space. The aim of sheep is to avoid tigers and block the movement of tigers and aim of tigers is to capture atleast five goats.

Box contains: Game printed on cloth, 3 tigers(coins) 15 sheep(coins) & Instruction Manual.

Benefits: Develops strategy skills