In late 2014, Bloomberg, who also occurs to be a billionaire, helped fund a campaign in Berkeley, California, to add an excise tax on delicate drinks. Despite a $1.7 million counter-campaign by the soda business, voters approved the measure, and Berkeley became the first jurisdiction in the U.S. to try out a soda tax. The tax provides a penny per ounce (30 milliliters) to sweetened drinks, including soda and iced tea.

You might be in a shrinking minority of the American population if you don’t own not less than one digital communications system. There are more than 119 million cell-telephone users in the United States as of July 2001. Each day, hundreds extra enroll. Hundreds of thousands extra have two-manner pagers. The radio signals emitted from these devices can reveal our location at anytime. This potential to find cell-phone customers will turn into a significant part of future traffic-management techniques.

Think in three dimensions. You will have a greater want for shallow shelves than deep ones, so customize where you may. Take the time to research the objects you’ll want to store. If you will be sticking a dress form in the closet, the format you choose will likely be totally different than if you’re storing small or stackable gadgets. If you’ll have floor space available, consider adding a plastic drawer organizer or shifting a small chest of drawers into the closet. That is an inexpensive choice that can free up house in your craft room and improve closet storage by utilizing flooring space that may in any other case be underutilized.

Use labor-saving appliances every time you can. If doable, put money into a dishwasher, a meals processor for chopping and chopping, an electric can opener, a snow and/or leaf blower, a riding mower, stamp maker online or different appliances that will enable you conserve power and give your joints a break. When choosing them, look for joint-pleasant features. For portable tools, look for those which might be lightweight and easy to handle. When choosing a vacuum, consider getting the type that has all attachments aboard the machine. Ensure it rolls simply on carpets and floors. Look for an on-off change that can be triggered together with your foot, so you do not must bend over. For other appliances, corresponding to blenders and food processors, look for these with buttons or levers reasonably than knobs that you must twist; this manner, you should utilize your palm or the aspect of your hand, somewhat than your fingers, to work them.