(Customers can request their data at this link. After losing that state battle, Amazon last year started allowing all U.S. Some of this information is highly sensitive.

Under a 2018 California law that passed despite Amazon´s opposition, consumers can access the personal data that technology companies keep on them. consumers to access their data.

The front part has the TV on a wall, but there’s nowhere comfortable to sit and watch it, and for that sort of money you might expect to have a basin big enough to avoid water hurtling to the floor when you wash your face.

Jolie, special envoy for UN refugee agency UNHCR, said she hoped the book would also remind governments of their commitment to the global treaty enshrining children’s civil, social, political and economic rights.

A technology-committee staffer confirmed in an email to the authors that the bill had been amended with “the exact definition for biometric information provided by Amazon.” Mark Harmsworth, a Republican co-author, seeking changes to the biometric-data definition.

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Dbeibah has promised elections in June while the parliament has set a roadmap targeting a referendum on a temporary constitution followed by a national vote next year, but analysts say it is hard to envisage either event taking place.

Whether the political crisis will kindle armed conflict remains unclear, but it leaves Libya without a unified government, with the main political and military forces bitterly divided and with no clear path forward.

After the election was canceled shortly before the vote was due to take place amid disputes over the rules, the parliament moved to seize control of the political process and replace Dbeibah’s government.

Use the dedicated power, volume and mute buttons to control your compatible TV, soundbar and receiver.  Users can also launch and control their favourite movies and TV shows with the Alexa Voice Remote.

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The US online retail giant wants to strengthen its lucrative diversification into IT services, and “provide low-latency broadband to a wide range of customers,” including those “working in locations without a reliable internet co

In addition to the satellites themselves, Amazon plans “small, affordable client terminals” along the lines of Echo smart-homes and Kindle e-readers, and promises to “provide service at a price that is affordable and accessible to customers,” with no further pricing details im

With a neat and compact 5.5-inch touch screen display, the Echo Show 5 helps control your smart home devices, plays TV programmes and films via Prime Video, Netflix and more, and connects with friends and family.

BEIRUT, June 21 (Reuters) – Lebanese banks said the country’s draft agreement with the International Monetary Fund was “unlawful” and “unconstitutional” in a letter sent to the IMF by an adviser of the Association of Banks in Lebanon (ABL) and seen by Reuters.

Aside from The Matrix and Blade Runner, there’s little Spanish gem Timecrimes, Moon (starring Sam Rockwell) and Monsters (directed by Gareth Edwards). HBO Max is stuffed with Classic Litrature sci-fi flicks, as well as smaller gems well worth a watch.

The highest tier included leaders in Congress and in the legislatures of two key states: California and Washington, where Amazon fought privacy legislation. Such VIPs (“Very Important Policymakers”) should be targeted for meetings, Amazon site visits or campaign donations at least annually.

BENGHAZI, Libya, March 1 (Reuters) – Libya’s parliament approved a new government on Tuesday despite the incumbent administration vowing not to cede power, pushing a fragile peace process to the brink of collapse and raising the risk of new fighting or territorial partition.

One called job creation the public-policy team´s “fundamental bargaining chip.” Company lobbyists would open lawmaker meetings with such figures, which two of the employees said carried an implied threat: These are jobs Amazon can take away.

Lawmakers’ declaration of Fathi Bashagha as prime minister after a televised vote aggravates a power struggle with the interim administration of Abdulhamid al-Dbeibah, who was installed through a U.N.-backed process last year.

In California, the e-commerce giant has undermined three efforts to require companies to notify consumers or get their permission before storing or sharing their voice recordings, according to Amazon documents and interviews with legislators.

Amazon public-policy manager Lisa Kohn informed Illinois officials in August 2017 about the perils of regulating job-creating tech companies, according to an email from Kohn to Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner´s chief of staff, obtained by Reuters through a public-records request.