The specific origin of sangria is unknown, however there are many theories out there. Some believe that it stemmed in Spain, while others think that it stemmed in Portugal. There is proof to support both theories, however the fact is that we may never know for sure.

One theory recommends that sangria stemmed in Spain throughout the Moorish occupation. The Moors were understood for How to make Peach Sangria (Learn Alot more) their love of wine, and they would often flavor it with spices and fruit. This theory is supported by the truth that the word “sangria” originates from the Moorish word “sangre” which implies “blood”.

Another theory recommends that sangria come from Portugal. This theory is based upon the reality that Portugal is home to much of the world’s earliest wineries. Moreover, sangria is very similar to a Portuguese red wine punch called “ginginha”.

What is the real origin of sangria? Regrettably, we may never understand for sure. However, both Spain and Portugal have strong claims how to do sangria (Transtats Bts published a blog post) the title and both nations make scrumptious sangria.