It took 28 months for the lead thief, Vincenzo Perugia, to try a re-sale of their stolen merchandise, and an art gallery owner rapidly confirmed the item’s authenticity with a glance on the stamp online on the again. The dealer said he’d ensure Perugia received a reward, and instead, sent the police after him (Perugia pled responsible and served just eight months in prison). And whereas the painting was returned to its rightful house, folks world wide continued to chatter about its disappearance. Over time, they just kept chattering, and as of late, Mona Lisa is one of the vital famous ladies on the earth, rivaling Beyonce herself.

Colonialism always has been a tricky idea for nations to justify morally, since principally, it involves seizing control of another person’s land and resources. That conflict turned strongest in the 1800s in Europe, when European societies started embracing liberal concepts about freedom and self-autonomy, whilst they took over and exploited weaker, much less-superior nations in Africa and elsewhere. One way that nations rationalized that aggression was to argue that the inhabitants of these places weren’t but able to self-government, and that colonial rule would help them to progress in that path [source: Kohn and Reddy].

“He doubled up as the king’s main private servant and head of the king’s personal home staff in the privy chamber. Though it is difficult to reconstruct what actually went on there all day, this presumably involved waiting on the king as a type of chief valet and organizing all of the work essential to make the king’s day go smoothly from a home perspective,” says Steven Gunn, a history professor at Oxford University, by e-mail.

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